How You Benefit by Using an Experienced
Personal Bankruptcy Law Firm Like Clark & Washington

  In the Atlanta area, you have many choices when you are looking for a lawyer to advise you about your bankruptcy options.   Here are just a few of the advantages offered by the bankruptcy lawyers at Clark & Washington:

1. Bankruptcy is all we do.  Clark & Washington is not a general practice law firm.  Personal bankruptcy is the only type of law we practice.  If you need a will or a Georgia worker’s comp lawyer, we’ll be happy to make a qualified referral, as we spend 100% of our time representing debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.

2. We only represent debtors in bankruptcy.  Clark & Washington does not represent creditors like banks, credit card companies or vehicle finance companies.  Our lawyers are firmly and passionately committed to protecting the rights and concerns of the hardworking men and women who need bankruptcy protection.

3. Our lawyers spend several hours a week in continuing education classes.  The State Bar of Georgia requires that every licensed lawyer complete 12 hours of continuing education each year.  At Clark & Washington, our lawyers spend a minimum of 2 hours per week in staff training sessions learning about the law, recent developments and how to best serve the needs of our clients. 

4. We have a highly trained staff of legal assistants who have very specific job assignments.  Because so many Georgians trust Clark & Washington to represent them in bankruptcy cases, we have a large number of staff specialists who have only one or two responsibilities.  For example, we have a paralegal whose only job is to stop pending foreclosure sales following last minute bankruptcy filings.  We have other staff members assigned to teams that handle pleadings filed by a specific trustee or filed in a particular judge’s court.  You will find this level of specialization and attention to detail at no other consumer bankruptcy law firm in the State of Georgia.  We are passionate about serving our clients and it shows.

5. Our firm has many convenient locations and office hours to serve you.  Clark & Washington  maintains ten (10) offices in the Atlanta metro area, as well as Saturday hours at our main location near I-85 and I-285. 


Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an
 Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer:

1.  Not Choosing a Lawyer Who Regularly Files Bankruptcy Petitions.   Although you do not see them much anymore, Atlanta is still home to the old fashioned general practitioner lawyer who handles everything from wills to the occasional DUI.  Years ago, this type of lawyer could might also file the occasional bankruptcy petition.  Times have changed and the bankruptcy law has become extremely complicated and confusing.  A lawyer who does not file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases regularly may not be up to speed about the Bankruptcy Code and current local practices.

2.  Choosing a Lawyer Who Works by Himself.  For your protection, choose a law firm with more than one or two lawyers.  If you need help in a hurry or on Saturday, there will always be someone available to serve you.

3.  Choosing a Lawyer Who Also Represents Creditors.  Lawyers who represent debtors usually feel passionate about protecting the rights of bankruptcy filers like you.  Be careful about choosing a lawyer who sometimes files lawsuits against people in your situation on behalf of creditors who want you to fail.

4.  Choosing a Lawyer Whose Fees are Unfair.  The new bankruptcy laws are complicated, but that does not  mean that you have to pay your lawyer to learn on the job.  Choose a law firm that keeps your up front cost low

5.  Choosing a Lawyer Who Charges for Telephone Consultations. The lawyer who puts your needs first will speak with you over the phone at no charge.  If the lawyer demands money for a phone call, find another lawyer.

6.  Choosing a Lawyer Who Does Not Educate Himself or Herself About Changes in the law.  The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform laws changed everything about consumer bankruptcy and new cases are being decided every day.  Your lawyer should regularly attend continuing education classes and should keep up with case law developments and local judicial decisions.


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