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Knoxville bankruptcy attorneys Clark and Washington serve our community with 3 convenient Knoxville area locations and experience lawyers who handle bankruptcy cases only.  Honest, hardworking Knoxville area residents just like you have turned to Clark & Washington for compassionate and knowledgeable help in times of financial crisis.

Turn to Clark & Washington if you are facing






As one of Tennessee’s most experienced personal bankruptcy law firm, Clark & Washington will work with you to make the bankruptcy process understandable and as painless as possible.

  • in Chapter 13, all attorney’s fees may be paid in your Chapter 13 plan - no up front out of pocket cost to you at all
  • in Chapter 7 cases, our very reasonable attorney’s fees may be paid out over time however the court will not allow us to file your case until all attorney fees are paid in full
  • at no extra cost, we will help you collect all the information you need to file, including tax records and mortgage payment records

Unlike many of our competitors, Clark & Washington will represent you even if you have previously filed a case.  Every week, our lawyers successfully argue motions to extend or re-impose the automatic stay.

And best of all - there is never a charge for a first appointment.  You can educate yourself about personal bankruptcy in a comfortable, no-stress meeting.  We are happy to schedule your free appointment at any of our convenient Knoxville area locations.  Why not call us now at 865-977-0121

Bankruptcy filing under new bankruptcy laws has become much more complicated and confusing.  Bankruptcy is Clark & Washington’s only area of practice.  Our lawyers participate in weekly continuing education programs and we serve on numerous bar association and community committees.  Don’t trust your financial future to a lawyer who only dabbles in bankruptcy and files only a few cases a year.  Instead, rely on the bankruptcy law firm that puts your interests first.  Clark & Washington.

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